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We are Sydney's Leading Temporary Pool Fencing Specialists. Our fencing panels offer the perfect temporary fencing solution for your new pool.

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Protect your environment

Protect the surrounding area of construction with our ground cover mats.

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CTPF have the temporary solution to protect your excavation site. Used as a safety barrier during the construction of your new pool, or during summer for a portable pool, or while renovating an existing pool. Our anti climb temporary fencing is delivered & installed onsite by our professional team.

About Us

Complete Temporary Pool Fencing has been associated with the pool industry over several decades servicing pool companies, contractors and the private sector.

Complete Temporary Pool Fencing panels have been specifically designed to conform and comply to legal temporary fencing requirements. At Complete Temporary Pool Fencing our panels allow you to continue work when your permanent pool fence is delayed or your pool construction is to be completed prior to the installation of permanent fencing, avoiding costly damage of the permanent fence. It may also allow the pool to be filled with water prior to permanent fencing to protect interior lining*. (Many pool interiors need to be submersed to protect them from UV damage and cracking within days of installation). *Subject to council requirements

Complete Temporary Pool Fencing also offer temporary construction fencing. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, we can offer various solutions for your temporary fencing requirements.